Chartres (po polsku)

Chartres 5 October 2014

A click on START button below begins a slide show of photos taken on the 5th of October 2014 in Chartres, an ancient town 100km from Paris. Its most impressive building is a medieval cathedral like no other church in France, and probably in the world. The first basilica was built there in the 4th century. The present cathedral was partly built in the 12th and completed in the 13th century. With rather little changes it remains as such to this day. We haven't seen any building old or new that is more monumental than the Notre Dame Cathedral in Chartres.

Apart from the first photo, of the Ferris wheel with the cathedral behind, photos of the cathedral are placed at the end. In between, there are photos mostly of the old town taken from a tourist train vehicle and some on foot. The weather was not ideal for taking good photos.